We Welcome All Creative People to Joint Us

Redland's Creative Alliance is a network, of over 370 artist members on our website and 160 in our Facebook Group, who collaborate and communicate among Redland's art and business communities.
We serve to broaden the public awareness of arts and culture and promote the arts within the community and the wider area of South East Queensland.
Through this website we bring the public a showcase of the groups many and varied talents.

Whatever your creative interest is, be it in production or end result - 

dance, performance art - ballet, acting - stage - film - street performers, music - writers - producers - performers, poets - writers - editors - audio presenters, film - video - special effects - editors - publishers - audio visual, 3D - all sorts - sculpture, 2D - painting - sketching - all applied flat work, photography - printers and reproduction, computer based, street art, indigenous arts and dance, jewellery, crafts - needlework - scrap booking - textile, metalwork, pottery. Cultural workers, art-lovers and supporters in local and wider community of the Redlands.

We welcome you all to join our expanding exciting group.

Young , old and in between, a student, an amateur, emerging or professional artist, we invite you to join our community!

On our website artists can profile their work on their own page and colour or redesign the look of that page, advertise events, place general notices, post blog entries and upload photos so members of the public can closely follow the activity of the local arts and cultural industry. 

When applying, please fill in the application form as much as you can so we can get to know you before accepting you as a member. Whether you are a student, an amateur, emerging or professional artist, we invite you to join our community! 


The Alliance is a network of collaboration and communication amongst Redlands arts communities. We are broadening public awareness of arts and culture, expanding and diversifying artistic programs and their audiences. The purpose of the Alliance is to encourage, support, develop and promote access to all the arts in our local community.


  • To provide a supportive, inclusive and welcoming network for the arts, art lovers and arts workers
  • To be a resource for its members
  • To advocate local arts and culture to the community


  • Creativity, the arts and heritage are at the core of a strong and healthy community
  • Professional and amateur artists should expect a healthy and sustainable return on their work
  • Networking between members and art groups of the arts sector is vital

Like us and become a friend on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/180830248628330/


Please contact Chairperson May Sheppard by pasting the following email address into your computer's email software - redlands.creative.alliance@gmail.com

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