Joining the Creative Alliance

1.To join the Redlands Creative Alliance go to the top right corner of this page

Click on the top left 'Sign Up' - see the picture below -

2. The picture as attached Sign Up 2 shows the joining up form. Fill in all the fields and click on the pink ‘Sign up’ button. Make sure you note down your password and login details

3. Sign up 3 will appear when you complete the form and. Once you have read the instructions click on the ‘Sign out’ words to close the window.

4. Follow the details in the email you’ll receive after the Chair has approved your acceptance as a member.

It will look something like this (the link in blue will be different) 

5. Once you click on the blue link you will be taken to the Alliance website, log in to see your own personal page where you can set it up with your profile, pictures and video. 

See under our 'RESOURCE' button for more help.

Have a go

May Sheppard

Chair Redlands creative Alliance

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